What seats will fit in a Mercedes Vito?

What seats will fit in a Mercedes Vito?

Seating anywhere between 2 and 9 people, the Vito Tourer’s floor rails allow the second row of seats to be turned around to face the rearmost seats if desired. Alternatively, benches with two seats can be ordered, as can comfort seats and a 2-2-2 seating configuration.

What is Mercedes rear seat package?

An Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS will give your passengers the ultimate driving experience. Features include 4-place seating with dual power rear seats,folding tables for rear seats and heated and cooled rear cupholders.

How many seater is a Mercedes Vito?

Its standard specification includes 8 seats, thorax bags and windowbags at the front, as well as a wealth of comfort-enhancing equipment.

Do Mercedes V Class seats fold flat?

There’s seating for four, two of whose seats can fold down into a double bed.

Which Mercedes has rear entertainment?

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class probably has one of the most advanced rear-seat entertainment systems for a large luxury sedan. The model has two monitors built into the head-rests that can allow either passenger to enjoy different media options including a DVD/CD or a video game system.

How big is the back of a Vito?

The Vito has only one roof height and that results in an internal cargo area height of 1391mm and the loading height taken from the ground to the cargo area floor is 558mm.

How big is a Mercedes Vito?

Mercedes-Benz Vito Panel Van Dimensions

Length 4,895mm
Height (unladen) 1,910mm
Width (inc.wing mirrors) 2,249mm
Cargo volume 5.5m3

How many suitcases fit in a Mercedes Vito?

The Vito Tourer comfortably seats nine people with room in the boot to fit nine large suitcases.

Can you take seats out of Mercedes V-Class?

Update 3: From the driver’s seat And almost without fail, the Mercedes V 250 d is able to out-drag them. You can imagine my smile…

What vans have TVs in them?

For kids, the Pacifica offers twin rear TV screens, an electronic version of the license-plate game and an “Are We There Yet?” app, all of which make this minivan a pleasure for kids and parents alike during long family road trips in the fall.

What is rear seat entertainment system?

The Rear-Seats Entertainment (RSE) is a rising automotive infotainment application, which involves graphics, video and audio processing up to a great extent. The RSE systems integrate diverse multimedia content sources like TV, DVD, Internet, digital radio, etc.

How do you use a Mercedes DVD player?

How to Use Your Mercedes-Benz DVD Changer

  1. To load one disc, press the load eject button.
  2. The disc icons on your screen indicate which compartments are filled.
  3. Rotate the command controller to select an empty compartment, then press down.