What is topiramate mainly used for?

What is topiramate mainly used for?

Topiramate: a medicine to treat epilepsy and migraine – NHS.

What is topiramate Topamax used for?

Topiramate is a medication that works in the brain and is sometimes used in patients with bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression). It is approved for the treatment of seizures (epilepsy) in adults and children in combination with other anticonvulsants and for preventing migraine headaches in adults.

Is topiramate 50mg used for weight loss?

Weight-loss and loss of appetite are common adverse effects in persons 16 years and older who are taking 50 mg or 400 mg of topiramate per day. Patients using a 50mg/day dose lost 6% of their body weight, and weight loss was found in 17% of patients using 400mg/day.

What happens if I miss a day of Topamax?

TOPAMAX® may decrease the density of bones when used over a long period. If you miss a single dose of TOPAMAX®, take it as soon as you can. However, if you are within 6 hours of taking your next scheduled dose, wait until then to take your usual dose of TOPAMAX® and skip the missed dose.

What is the most common side effect of topiramate?

Tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, loss of coordination, tingling of the hands/feet, loss of appetite, bad taste in your mouth, diarrhea, and weight loss may occur.

When is the best time to take topiramate?

Timing: You can take topiramate with or after food. Take topiramate at the same times each day. If you are taking it two times a day, take your doses in the morning and night. If you are taking it once a day, then it’s best taken at bedtime.

What does topiramate do to the brain?

Topiramate is in a class of medications called anticonvulsants. It works by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain.

How fast does topiramate work for weight loss?

It can take some time to see weight loss results from taking Topamax. Some people may not notice a difference until they’ve taken the drug for at least four months, while other people may start to lose weight in their first month of taking it. Weight loss results from topiramate are proven to increase over time.

Does topiramate give energy?

Animal studies suggest that topiramate increases energy expenditure and inhibits appetite, thereby reducing caloric intake [26, 36, 39].

What vitamins should not be taken with topiramate?

Mixing topiramate with herbal remedies and supplements

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you need to take high doses of vitamin C or calcium supplements. Taking these supplements can increase a risk of kidney stones.

What does Topamax do to your brain?

What are the serious side effects of topiramate?

Serious side effects
get pain in your back, belly or side, a burning sensation when you pee, or cloudy or smelly pee – these can be signs of kidney stones and a kidney infection. feel sleepy, lose your appetite and have an irregular heartbeat – these can be signs of metabolic acidosis.

Can topiramate affect memory?

Neuropsychological studies of patients taking topiramate in monotherapy are very limited, with a single 12-month follow-up study suggesting some negative effects on memory, information processing and verbal fluency [Baker et al. 2011].

Does topiramate burn fat?

The reduction in body fat accounted for all the weight reduction after topiramate treatment but not after pair feeding or D-fenfluramine treatment. Topiramate reduced food intake acutely and increased metabolic rate. There were also significant reductions in leptin, insulin, and corticosterone.

Does topiramate help you sleep?

Conclusions: Topiramate may be of benefit for patients with NES or SRED in reducing nocturnal eating, improving nocturnal sleep, and producing weight loss.

Does Topamax affect memory?

Can Topamax cause permanent brain damage?

In most cases, side effects from Topamax are temporary. Most side effects tend to go away soon after you start or stop taking the drug. But severe side effects that could lead to long-term problems and permanent damage from Topamax are possible.

What does topiramate do to your brain?

Can you take Topamax forever?

Topamax is safe for long-term use when taken as prescribed. However, several common and potentially severe side effects have been reported by a small number of patients. There are also quite a few drugs that can cause harmful interactions or become ineffective when taken in conjunction with Topamax.

How long can you stay on Topamax?

You can usually stay on Topamax (topiramate) to help prevent your migraine headaches as long as treatment is needed and remains safe for you. You and your doctor will decide how long you stay on treatment. This will be based on how well it is working for you and any side effects you may experience.

Does Topamax make you happy?

The study found that the participants taking Topamax in addition to their prescribed depression medication significantly improved depressed mood, suicidality, insomnia, agitation, and anxiety symptoms compared to those taking a placebo.

Is Topamax good for anxiety?

Topamax for anxiety
Topamax isn’t approved to treat anxiety. However, the drug may sometimes be used off-label to treat people with certain anxiety disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). However, it’s not known for sure if Topamax is effective for this purpose.

Does Topamax help with sleep?

Benefits of topiramate treatment have been maintained for a mean period of 8.5 months. Conclusions: Topiramate may be of benefit for patients with NES or SRED in reducing nocturnal eating, improving nocturnal sleep, and producing weight loss.

Why is Topamax taken at night?

Taking Topamax can make you very drowsy and even dizzy. You should avoid driving, using heavy machinery, or doing other tasks that require alertness until you know how this medication affects you. Because it can cause drowsiness, Topamax is often taken at night.

What does Topamax do to the brain?