What is the address for Peterson Air Force Base?

What is the address for Peterson Air Force Base?

Driving directions to Peterson Space Force Base, 135 Dover St, Colorado Springs – Waze.

What Majcom is Peterson AFB?

Air Force Space Command
The installation was redesignated Peterson Air Force Base in 1975 and in 1982, the Air Force stepped into military history by activating a brand new MAJCOM, Air Force Space Command, at Peterson.

Is Peterson AFB A Space Force base?

Peterson Space Force Base, previously Peterson Air Force Base, Peterson Field, and Army Air Base, Colorado Springs, is a U.S. Space Force Base that shares an airfield with the adjacent Colorado Springs Municipal Airport and is home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Space Force’s 21st Space …

What is the zip code for Kirtland AFB?

ZIP Code 87117

Post Office City: Kirtland AFB, NM (View All Cities)
ZIP Type: Unique
County: Bernalillo County
Timezone: Mountain (10:33pm)
Area code: 505 (Area Code Map)

Is Peterson AFB a good base?

Year after year, Peterson AFB earns top billing on lists touting high marks for quality of life factors. Military families as well as civilian transplants from across the country are flocking to Colorado Springs to take advantage of idyllic settings and near perfect weather.

How many people work at Peterson Air Force Base?

In total, Peterson-Schriever Garrison consists of over 4,000 military and civilian members who support nearly 18,500 personnel and 173,000 local beneficiaries.

What city is the air force base in in Colorado?

Colorado Springs
Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base Colorado Springs, CO Cheyenne Mountain is located close to Colorado Springs, in the El Paso county. It hosts an Air Force station and represents one of the toughest military constructions in the United States of America.

Is Peterson AFB changing its name?

Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station are now Space Force bases. The new names – Peterson Space Force Base, Schriever Space Force Base, and Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station – are in effect after a name change ceremony Monday morning.

What county is Andrews Air Force Base in?

Prince George’s CountyJoint Base Andrews / County
Joint Base Andrews is located in Prince George’s County in the state of Maryland, approximately 10 miles outside the Washington, D.C. city limits and 15 miles from the state of Virginia.

What’s the zip code for Andrews Indiana?

46702Andrews / Zip code

Where should I live stationed at Peterson AFB?

2) Where do families stationed at Peterson Air Force Base live? The majority of families live in Colorado Springs. Nearby alternate options include Monument, Peyton, Calhan, Palmer Lake, Fountain, and Falcon. Some families choose to live in private military housing within the Tierra Vista Communities on Peterson AFB.

Does Peterson AFB deploy?

Peterson AFB, CO – Deployment and Mobilization Bldg. 123, Peterson AFB, CO 80914. Deployment/Mobilization can be reached by their main phone number at (719) 556-4101. Alternatively, you can reach Deployment/Mobilization by phone at +7195567609 (719) 556-4524.

How many AFB are in Colorado?

There are 5 active Air Force bases in Colorado: Buckley AFB. Cheyenne Air Force Station.

Where is Fort Peterson?

Peterson Space Force Base is a base located at Colorado Springs in El Paso County. It provides runways for the adjacent City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport under a shared joint civil-military airport arrangement.