What is S and GAD department?

What is S and GAD department?

The Services and General Administration Department is working with a mission to create an efficient, professional, qualified and accountable human resource to achieve the envisioned objectives of good governance and sustained development in the province.

What is Home Department in Pakistan?

Home Department is responsible for maintenance of law & order and protection of life and property of the citizens. The Home department has six wings namely General Wing, Police Wing, Prisons Wing, Internal Security Wing, Judicial Wing & Public Safety Wing.

How many departments are there in Punjab?

There are 41 departments in the Punjab government. Each Department is headed by a provincial Minister (elected member of the provincial assembly) and a provincial Secretary (a civil servant of usually BPS-20, 21 or BPS-22).

Who is IG Police Punjab Pakistan?

Rao Sardar Ali Khan
Rao Sardar Ali Khan (Urdu: راؤ سردار علی خان; born 21 February 1965) is a Pakistani civil servant and police officer who is the current inspector-general of police (IGP) of the Punjab Police. He took office on 8 September 2021.

Who is the DGP of Punjab Police?

Sh. Viresh Kumar Bhawra
Sh. Viresh Kumar Bhawra, IPS assumes charge as Director General of Police Punjab. , who have successfully cracked the Ludhiana blast case in less than 24 hours.

What is Rule 17 a?

That Rule 17-A of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 was framed to provide immediate relief to family of a deceased civil servant who dies or declare invalidated while in service.

Who is chief secretary JK?

B. V. R. Subrahmanyam

B. V. R Subrahmanyam
Assumed office 30 June 2021
Preceded by Anup Wadhawan
Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir

What does home minister do?

One of the senior-most officers in the Union Cabinet, the chief responsibility of the Home Minister is the maintenance of India’s internal security; the country’s large police force comes under its jurisdiction.

How many jails are there in Punjab?

There are 26 jails in Punjab which constitute 10 Central Jails, 11 District Jails and 5 Sub Jails. Prison Department Punjab also has a Jail Training School at Patiala. The cumulative authorized capacity of all the jails is 26556.

Who is AIG of Punjab?

Jasdeep Singh – AIG – Punjab Police | LinkedIn.

Who is dg Punjab Police?

Inspectors General of Police

Inam Ghani 09-09-2020 to 08-09-2021 Shoaib Dastgir 28.11.2019 to 09-09-2020
Capt. (R) Arif Nawaz Khan 17.04.2019 to 28.11.2019 Amjad Javed Saleemi 15.10.2018 to 17.04.2019
Muhammad Tahir 11.09.2018 to 15.10.2018 Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam 13.06.2018 to 11.09.2018

Is contract employee civil servant?

Are the contract employees civil servants? No! Persons appointed on contract basis are not civil servants, because they are not governed under the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 and rules made their under.

Who is the first IAS officer of J and K?

Parvez Dewan was born on 13 October 1972 in Srinagar. His father was a Wing Commander who began his career in the Royal Air Force and grandfather an Army Brigadier, who later became the first Indian Inspector General of Police of Jammu and Kashmir. Dewan was educated at St Joseph’s, Allahabad; St.

Who is the IAS officer of 2021?

(Indian Administrative Service)

Appendix D
2 Ajay Kumar Bhalla (AM) 30/11/2020
3 Ajay Prakash Sawhney (AP) 28/02/2022
4 Durga Shanker Mishra (UP) 31/12/2021