What is EC in Shatabdi train?

What is EC in Shatabdi train?

Q: What is the difference between CC and EC classes in Shatabdi trains? A: CC stands for AC Chair Car while EC stands for Executive AC Chair Car. While both these are AC coaches, EC coaches are more spacious and offer passengers more legroom as compared to CC.

What time Shatabdi reaches Bangalore?

12027 MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL – BANGALORE CITY Shatabdi Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Halt Time
Mgr Chennai Central (MAS) 17:34 Origin
Katpadi Jn (KPD) 19:10 5 min
Bangalore Cant (BNC) 22:49 2 min
Bangalore City Jn (SBC) 23:02 Destination

What is the fare in Shatabdi from Chennai to Bangalore?

Chennai to Bengaluru shatabdi fare is Rs. 795 in Chair Car and Rs. 1510 in Executive Class for this train which includes meal charges also. Chennai to Bengaluru MGR Chennai Central Mysuru Shatabdi Express (12007) departs from Chennai Central station (MAS) at 06:00 and arrives Bengaluru City Jn station (SBC) at 10:45 .

What is EC and CC in train?

There are different class tickets you can book, most notably the executive chair car class (EC) and chair car class (CC).

How can I track my Shatabdi Express?

Time Table

  1. MAS. STD 17:30. MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL1. 0.0 Kms | Start | PF #2.
  2. KPD. STA 19:08. KATPADI JN2. 129.6 Kms | Halt 2 Min | PF #1.
  3. BNC. STA 22:03. BANGALORE CANT3. 354.7 Kms | Halt 2 Min | PF #1.
  4. SBC. STA 22:25. BANGALORE CITY JN4. 359.0 Kms | Dest | PF #7.

What is the total running duration of the 12084 train?

The total running duration of 12084 train is 6hr 30min, stopping at 10 stations during the journey. Tiruchchirapali is the station with the longest halt time, a maximum of 10min. The fare classes on this route are 2S,CC and ticket bookings can be made using the following quotas: GN,TQ,SS,LD.

What is the duration of 12084 Mail Express from Coimbatore to Mayiladuturai?

The 12084 mail express train departs from Coimbatore Jn at 07:10 hrs and arrives at Mayiladuturai J at 01:30 hrs. The total running duration of 12084 train is 6hr 20min, stopping at 10 stations during the journey.

How to check time table of Jan Shatabdi Express 12084?

A) Jan Shatabdi Express (12084) is one of the Indian Railwaysā€™ most popular trains. To check the updated time table of Jan Shatabdi Express: 1. Visit RailYatri time tablesearch page. 2. Type in train name or number.