What frame is a Smith and Wesson Model 1917?

What frame is a Smith and Wesson Model 1917?

45 ACP, large frame revolvers adopted by the United States Military in 1917, to supplement the standard M1911 pistol during World War I. There were two variations of the M1917, one made by Colt and the other by Smith & Wesson….

M1917 Revolver
Produced 1917–1920
No. built ~300,000 total (c. 150,000 per manufacturer)

What revolvers Did the US Army use?

Pistols & Revolvers

  • Beretta M9 (9×19mm)
  • SIG Sauer M11 (P228) (9×19mm)
  • SIG Sauer M17 Modular Handgun System (P320 Full-Size) (9×19mm) – Was selected by the US Army to replace the M9 after winning the XM17 Modular Handgun System competition.

Does the military issue revolvers?

Typically, service pistols are revolvers or semi-automatic pistols issued to officers, non-commissioned officers, and rear-echelon support personnel for self-defense, though service pistols may also be issued to special forces as a backup for their primary weapons.

Was the M1917 Revolver used in ww2?

The M1917 Revolver (formally United States Revolver, Caliber . 45, M1917) was a revolver that was used by the United States during World War II.

When did the US military stop using revolvers?

In 1992, the Air Force officially stopped issuing the revolvers, which had been in continuous service since 1956.

What pistol Did the US Army use in WW2?

M1911 Pistol
M1911 Pistol The M1911 was the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. It was widely used in World War I and World War II, and there were around 2,700,000 of the M1911 and M1911A1 in military contracts during its service life.

What gun did American soldiers used in WW2?

M1 Garand. One of the most notable rifles used during World War II, the M1 Garand was favored by soldiers and Marines across the military. As a semi-automatic rifle firing a . 30 caliber cartridge, it was useful in a wide variety of military applications.

What is the US Army standard issue pistol?

The M9 has been the standard sidearm of the United States Navy, United States Army, and the United States Air Force since 1985, replacing the Colt M1911A1 in the Army and Navy, and the Smith & Wesson . 38 Special in the Air Force. The M9A1 is also seeing limited issue to the United States Marine Corps.

What was the best pistol in WW2?

Best Pistol (tie): German Luger PO8 and American FN Browning GP-35. Both the Luger and the Browning “Hi-Power” shot 9mm rounds. While the Luger was very sensitive to dust and dirt, and had to be carried in a fully covered holster, the Germans didn’t make a fuss over it.