What FM station plays Christmas music in Ohio?

What FM station plays Christmas music in Ohio?

The Bus, WODC (93.3 FM), started cranking out Christmas tunes in time for the evening commute at 5 p.m. Friday.

Does Iheartradio have a Christmas station?

A salute to all TV holiday specials, but mostly the Christmas ones. Revisit 12 holiday classics and not-so-classics each December and July. Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas! Santa has his sack just packed full of old time radio shows.

What is Milwaukee’s Christmas radio station?

WLDB has been the first Milwaukee radio station to go all-in on Christmas every year since 2016. Usually, WLDB makes the move a little closer to Thanksgiving; in 2019, the station made the jump on Nov. 18.

What stations are playing Christmas music in Dayton Ohio?

Soft Rock 92.9 WGTZ is Dayton’s official Christmas music station, playing Christmas tunes through midnight Christmas Day.

What is the Christmas station in Wisconsin?

The Christmas Station, WLWK-11, Milwaukee-Racine, WI | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Why do radio stations play Christmas music so early?

While we all enjoy music that makes it feel like the holiday season is upon us, a lot of us are probably wondering why radio stations start Christmas tunes so early. The answer is simple: the increased ratings that stations receive from playing Christmas music.

Is it bad to listen to Christmas music early?

The holiday tunes are fine, but experts say listening to too much Christmas music or hearing it too early can cause anxiety and depression.

What radio station plays Christmas music in Madison Wisconsin?

105.1 The Mix
105.1 The Mix This lovely station is the only station in Madison that has switched to an all Christmas music playlist.

Are any Milwaukee radio stations playing Christmas music?

95.7 BIG FM has officially made the switch to Christmas music!

Why do radio stations play the same Christmas songs over and over?

But the main reason for the tunes’ ubiquity is that people want to hear them. Folks who are already tired of the stuff can take heart from the fact that there are people working hard to make sure you don’t hear another joyful note after New Year’s Day. That is, until next December. Or if you’re in Birmingham, October.