What do they smoke in The Breakfast Club?

What do they smoke in The Breakfast Club?

The pot smoked in the film is actually oregano. Each actor took home a piece of the library’s banister as a souvenir from filming.

Was Brian suicidal in The Breakfast Club?

As the five students in detention get to know one another, though, they learn Brian is in detention for bringing a flare gun to school, with suicidal intent, because he failed a shop class project.

What did Brian do to get detention in The Breakfast Club?

Brian is under such pressure from his parents to get good grades that he contemplated suicide after getting an F in shop class; he was sent to detention for bringing a flare gun to school for that purpose.

Who picks up Brian at the end of the Breakfast Club?

Not much is said about him but he’s married to Brian’s mother, making him the husband and the uncle of Kendall. He was seen in one of the last scenes where Brian is getting picked up from him. Mr. Johnson is portrayed by the late producer/director of the The Breakfast Club John Hughes.

Did they do drugs in The Breakfast Club?

There is a lengthy scene where adolescents smoke marijuana and there are some sporadic references to the drug throughout. An adolescent character smokes a cigarette in another scene.

Why is Brian’s sweatshirt inside out in The Breakfast Club?

Wardrobe Details. Posted by u/dipping_sauce: The Breakfast Club’s Brian has turned his sweater inside out after smoking weed.

What scene was improvised in The Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club’s confession scene is one of the movie’s most pivotal and revealing, and it was also surprisingly ad-libbed by the film’s cast.

What is ironic about Carl the janitor?

Bender’s basically mocking Carl for being a janitor and predicting the same fate for Andrew. This is kind of ironic, given that Bender doesn’t exactly have more social cache than a janitor. Carl responds with a magisterial rejoinder: CARL: Oh, really?