What do PING color codes mean?

What do PING color codes mean?

The color code system is ten color codes goes from gold which is four degrees flat to maroon which is five degrees upright. We would measure a golfer’s height.

How do I check my PING Color Code?

Which Ping Dot colour are you?

  1. Find your height in the top bar. E.g. 6’3 = ½ inch longer than “standard”.
  2. Measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. E.g. 35 Inches.
  3. Intersect the two measurements to find your colour dot.
  4. If your measurements fall between two colours, then ball flight comes into play.

What do the colors on PING irons mean?

It’s been simplified to 10 and each color matches a specific player’s lie angle and shaft length. So whatever height you are it will be a ping dot. Color or colors that will suit you perfectly.

How accurate is PING Color Code?

PING research suggests that 75% of the time a player will fit into a dynamic color code within one color code of the static recommendation, while 95% will fit within two color codes.

What is PING orange dot mean?

Orange dot means the iron is 2 degrees flat. Brown dot means the iron is 3 degrees flat. Gold dot means the iron is 4 degrees flat.

What does PING blue dot mean?

Ping Colors

The blue dot hosels are 0.75 of a degree more upright than black, followed by yellow, green, white, silver and maroon, with an additional 0.75 degree more upright at each level, culminating in the maroon clubs being 4.5 degrees more upright.

What is PING blue dot?

What is the difference between red dot and black dot on PING irons?

If a player orders a new set of irons and gets a red dot (1° flat) and after some body and swing changes now fits into black dot (standard), the clubs can be sent to Ping to be bent accordingly and they will color in the dot to represent the current lie.

Does 1 degree upright make a difference?

Yes it will make a difference, I play 2 degree upright and +1/2. If your hitting the ball left all the while (I am guessing your right handed) won’t be to do with having the lye angle to flat.

What is blue dot on PING?

What is purple dot on PING irons?

PING Dot Colours

PING Dot Colours – Lie Angles
Dot Colour Height measurement Wrist to floor measurement
Purple Dot 1.5° flat 5’0″ to 5’7″ 31¼” to 32½”
Orange Dot 2.25° flat 4’10½” to 5’6″ 30½” to 31¾”
Brown Dot 3° flat 4’0″ to 5’3½” 29¾” to 30¾”

What is Ping orange dot mean?

What is the dot color for Ping?

How to Use the PING Color Dot Fitting System – YouTube

How long should your 7 iron be?

The standard length of a 7 iron is 37 inches on steel and 37.5 inches with the structure made of graphite. For women, the standard length of a graphite golf club is 36.5 inches, and for steel, it is 36 inches. The standard lengths are set from the shaft weights of the golf club.

What does the orange dot mean on Ping irons?

What is blue dot on Ping?

What happens if your irons are too upright?

But if your clubs are too upright, the toe would be off the ground, and you’d have a tendency to pull the ball (inset, top). Too flat, and the heel would be up, and you’d tend to hit pushes (inset, bottom). Starting with the face slightly off can produce exponential misses, so make sure your clubs fit.

Do shorter golfers need a flatter lie angle?

Generally, shorter golfers will need a flatter lie angle, whereas taller players will need a more upright lie angle. If you hit a lot of shots toward the toe of your club and your ball tends to fade to the right, you probably have a lie angle that is too flat for you.

What is yellow dot in PING?

What does a red dot mean on PING irons?

What does the PING red dot mean? Red dots refer to the 0.75 degree of the club’s hosel angle. A hosel is the connection between the shaft and club head. Think of the hosel as a socket in the head of a golf club where the shaft is inserted. If you find a red dot, it is considered a flat setup.

How far does Tiger Woods hit a 7 iron?

How Far Does Tiger Woods Hit a 7 Iron? Tiger Woods is a legend of golf but on average, how long does he hit a 7 iron? Tiger hits his 7 irons approximately 172 yards.

What is my swing speed if I hit a 7 iron 160 yards?

The swing speed for a 7 iron can vary between 80 to 83 mph.
To cover a distance of about 160 yards with a 7 iron, a swing speed of 86 mph is needed. A standard device for measuring swing speed doesn’t measure the speed of the clubhead, but instead, it measures the speed of the ball.

What does the yellow dot mean on PING golf clubs?

From flat to upright the dot colors go in the following order with gold being the flattest lie angle at 3.75 degrees to brown, orange, purple, red, black, blue, yellow, green, white, silver, and maroon being the most upright at 4.5 degrees.

Should hands be in front of ball with irons?

The grip and hands must be in front of the clubhead and ball. Many amateur golfers believe that the grip and clubhead come back to the position they are in during the setup. The hands and grip must move forward before the clubhead in order to properly compress and control the ball.

What happens if lie angle is too upright?

If your lie angle is too upright, typically meaning that it’s closer to 90 degrees than 0 degrees, then that means you will typically hit the ground with your club with the heel side of the sole.