What colors do cast iron sinks come in?

What colors do cast iron sinks come in?

CECO cast iron sinks come in white, almond, bone, biscuit, platinum* and black.

Do Kohler cast iron sinks stain?

The polished enamel of cast iron sinks makes them nonporous, which means they are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

What colors do porcelain sinks come in?

Whereas in the past bathroom porcelain sinks were almost exclusively available in stark white, now they come in a range of colors—whites and creams are still prevalent, but browns, grays and blacks are also options.

What colors do kitchen sinks come in?

Color Family

  • White. (1480)
  • Black. (866)
  • Stainless Steel. (3631)
  • Gray. (783)
  • Biscuit. (248)
  • Beige. (164)
  • Brown. (523)
  • Almond. (8)

Are enameled cast iron sinks good?

Other than its appearance, it’s also a good option in terms of durability. The combination of enamel iron makes cast iron sinks resistant to cracking and denting. One other thing that makes cast iron sinks better than most stinks is that they are available in many colors, designs, and configurations.

Can you use bleach on enamel sink?

Bleach – just plain old bleach will work. Bleach really takes the sink back to original shiny white again. Wipe a small amount of bleach on your sink after rinsing away the bar keepers friend and dish soap and prepare to be amazed!

What is the difference between enamel and porcelain sinks?

Difference Between Porcelain and Enamel The finish is as durable as the one on your car, although much thicker, and like a car finish, it can chip and crack. However, with proper care, an enamel finish can last for years. Porcelain is basically ceramic that has been fired at high heat to make it smooth and nonporous.

Do enameled cast iron sinks scratch?

Cons: Porcelain enamel can chip or scratch if handled roughly; susceptible to stains; undermount cast iron sinks require extra mounting support because of the sink’s weight; not compatible with strong or abrasive cleaners, which can wear away the enamel coating.

Which is better porcelain or enamel?

How do you get stains out of an enameled cast iron sink?

Here’s how to clean that cast iron sink.

  1. Rinse the sink thoroughly after each use.
  2. Dry it completely after each use.
  3. Clean the sink with non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid using steel wool, wire brushes and abrasive sponge pads.
  4. Put a past of baking soda and water on any stains [source: Friendly Plumber].

How do I whiten my enamel sink?

Which is better cast iron or porcelain sink?

Low Maintenance – The porcelain surface is non-porous and smooth making it resistant to staining and easy to keep clean. Heavy – A cast iron undermount kitchen sink requires solid support because of its weight.

What type of sink does not stain or scratch?

Solid surface sinks are durable, easy to clean, and are resistant to dents, stains, and color fading.