What are the duties of a fulfillment associate?

What are the duties of a fulfillment associate?

As a fulfillment associate, you will be responsible for offloading stock deliveries, processing work orders, locating merchandise, and packaging orders for shipment. You will also be required to operate warehouse machinery including forklifts, cherry pickers, and pallet jacks.

What is Amazon fulfillment Associate?

An Amazon warehouse fulfillment associate is responsible for carrying out an array of duties such as receiving and processing incoming stock and materials, picking and filling orders from stock, overseeing the packing and shipping of orders, and/or managing, retrieving, and organizing stock.

How many Amazon FCS are there?

Amazon operates 1,137 fulfillment centers of various types in the U.S., with announced plans to open 331 more, according to logistics consulting firm MWPVL International Inc.

What is customer fulfillment Associate?

The Customer Fulfillment Associate is responsible for ensuring that customer’s orders are fulfilled in a timely and satisfactorily manner. This position supports sales efforts by providing a variety of services, solutions, and support to existing customers as well as retail sales representatives.

Which Amazon warehouse pays the most?

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Amazon Warehouse Jobs

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Richmond, CA $41,106 $3,426
Stamford, CT $40,627 $3,386
Bellevue, WA $40,398 $3,367
Kirkland, WA $40,200 $3,350

Which Amazon facility pays the most?

Our data shows that Amazon employees in Sunnyvale, CA get paid the most, where the average yearly pay is $69,661. This can be compared to Seattle, WA, where Amazon employees earn an average salary of $65,925.

What does an Amazon sorter do?

You will be sorting, scanning, and stacking packages on pallets, and helping to get customer orders ready for delivery. This role puts you in control of your schedule because you choose shifts that work best for you now and have the ability to adjust your schedule in the future, as needed.

What does a customer Fulfilment Associate do at walmart?

Ensures that products picked are of the highest quality i.e. no damaged products, freshest product selection etc. 4. Correctly documents and labels all orders correctly through interpretation and understanding documentation including pick slips, packaging details, shipping labels, etc.

What is the best job in Amazon?

Best Amazon Jobs

  • Data Scientist.
  • Art Director.
  • Principal Product Manager.
  • Senior Software Development Manager.
  • Associate Corporate Counsel. Average Salary: $164K.
  • Content Acquisition Manager. Average Salary: $174K.
  • Solutions Architect. Average Salary: $179K-$192K.
  • Principal Business Development Manager. Average Salary: $529K.