What are some of the major plot points of Macbeth?

What are some of the major plot points of Macbeth?


  • Three Witches predict great things for Macbeth.
  • Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to kill King Duncan to get the throne.
  • Macbeth kills King Duncan and becomes King of Scotland.
  • Macbeth has his best friend, Banquo, murdered.
  • Macbeth begins to think that he’s invincible.
  • Lady Macbeth commits suicide.

Is Macbeth a short story?

Of all the plays that Shakespeare wrote during the reign of James I, Macbeth most clearly reflects his relationship with King James, patron of Shakespeare’s acting company. It was first published in the Folio of 1623, possibly from a prompt book, and is Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy.

What is the plot of Macbeth and who are the main characters?

Macbeth, Thane of Glamis, is a brave Scottish general in King Duncan’s army. However, upon hearing the three witches’ prophecy that he would become King of Scotland, he becomes tyrannical. With his wife’s help and encouragement he kills King Duncan, but this fills him with deep regret and guilt.

What are the 10 main events of Macbeth?

10 Key Events in Macbeth – Coggle Diagram

  • 1) The Witches Prophecy.
  • 2) Macbeth Murders King Ducan.
  • 3) Banquet scene.
  • 4) Macbeth Sees Ghosts.
  • 5) Banquo Murdered.
  • 7) Macduff’s family killed.
  • 6) Witches’ New Prophecies.
  • 8) Malcom and Macduff Plan to Kill Macbeth.

What is the climax of the story Macbeth?

ClimaxMacbeth’s murder of Duncan in Act 2 represents the point of no return, after which Macbeth is forced to continue butchering his subjects to avoid the consequences of his crime.

How is the plot set into motion in Macbeth?

Prophecy. Prophecy sets Macbeth’ s plot in motion—namely, the witches’ prophecy that Macbeth will first become thane of Cawdor and then king.

How is the plot arranged?

All plots follow a logical organization with a beginning, middle, and end—but there’s a lot more to the basic plot structure than just this. Generally speaking, every plot has these five elements in this order: Exposition/introduction. Rising action.