Was P.L. Travers really that difficult?

Was P.L. Travers really that difficult?

“[Travers] was an incredibly difficult person and actually much more difficult than she’s portrayed in the film,” said Kelly Marcel, who shares screenplay credit on the movie with Sue Smith.

What did P.L. Travers think of the movie?

Travers didn’t try to be diplomatic in her dislike of Disney’s Mary Poppins movie. She did not like the movie’s animated sequences or its glamorization of the title character, stating that it loses the point because Disney turned her into a very pretty girl, according to the Telegraph.

Is the story of P.L. Travers true?

The film depicts the complex relationship between Travers and Walt Disney (Tom Hanks), as Disney attempts to convince Travers to hand over the right to her beloved Mary (Poppins – “never just Mary!”). It is a delightful story. Unfortunately, it is not really a true one.

Did Walt Disney really take P. L. Travers to Disneyland?

‘” Film: Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) took Travers on a tour of Disneyland, where she rode the carousel. Fact: “Walt did try to take Travers on a tour of Disneyland, and she hated it.

Was there really no red in Mary Poppins?

Travers, like Pamela in Saving Mr. Banks, insisted that the movie adaptation of Mary Poppins not include the color red. (The movie suggests that this demand had to do with seeing her father cough up blood when she was a child; it was more likely an arbitrary demand meant to irritate the creative team.)

What did P.L. Travers think of Julie Andrews?

Meanwhile, he was well aware that on the sidelines, P.L. Travers — the writer of the Poppins books — was not happy with the casting of either himself or his co-star. He has said: “She hated Julie and she hated me.” In fact — as described in the 2013 film about the making of the movie, “Saving Mr.

How much did Disney pay P.L. Travers?

What is true is that Mrs. Travers’ artful Mary translated into commercial success for her: she was paid $100,000 ($750,000 in 2013 money) and received five percent of the movie’s gross earnings. She never embraced the depiction of her Mary on the big screen, however, and refused to work for Disney ever again.

What does Julie Andrews think of Mary Poppins returns?

However, she appreciated that now kids can watch both movies, and in another 30 years there will be another movie. Julie Andrews really liked that idea: There will, I hope. So Julie Andrews loved Mary Poppins Returns and hopes we get another movie in 30 years, or whatever.

Did PL Travers hate pears?

In the film, P.L. Travers hates pears after a traumatic incident with them during her childhood.

Did Walt Disney really take P.L. Travers to Disneyland?

How much did Disney pay PL Travers?