Is Vietnam and Cambodia worth visiting?

Is Vietnam and Cambodia worth visiting?

Both Vietnam and Cambodia are popular destinations in Southeast Asia. We usually recommend you to visit both if you have enough holiday time (12-14 days). These two destinations can be easily visited together because they are geographically close and both small countries.

Should I go to Cambodia or Laos?

Cambodia has magnificent temples, beaches and a fascinating and haunting past, whilst Laos offers a glimpse of the Southeast Asia of times gone by, with a wonderful sense of peace and great diversity of people. So we think you should visit both as they are perfectly paired.

Should I go to Cambodia or Thailand?

Especially for less experienced solo travellers, Thailand is the better option. There are more group activities and more travellers to connect with. Solo travel in Cambodia is totally do-able (and possibly a little safer than Thailand) but it can be more expensive and you’ll need more resilience.

What are the best places to visit in Vietnam and Cambodia?

In Vietnam, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh and Mekong Delta have the most beautiful natural features, while Hoi An and Danang are two best cities to visit and enjoy the nightlife. Visitors to Cambodia shouldn’t miss the architecture masterpiece Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and the pristine islands in Southern Sea

Is 17 days enough to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?

For those who have a large time budget and want to discover Vietnam and Cambodia in-depth, a trip for 17 days would be a wonderful choice for you. Activities for this trip include trekking to local markets, cruising, city tour, night train, temple visiting and so much more….

What are the best places to see in Hanoi?

My favourite has to be Hidden Gem, which is tucked down a back street, but well worth seeking out. Other sights to see in this city include the Ho Hoan Kien Lake and Den Ngoc Son Temple, the nearby puppet theatre, St Joseph’s Cathedral and the famous Hanoi Street Train.

Where to go caving in Phong Nha?

After your amazing time caving in Phong Nha, it’s time to continue south to the city of Hue, which boasts another UNESCO-listed site, namely its old imperial city. If you get to Hue by lunchtime, the afternoon should give you plenty of time to explore this fascinating site (which closes at 5pm) and impart a real sense of stepping back in time.