How reliable are 2014 Honda CR-V?

How reliable are 2014 Honda CR-V?

The 2014 Honda CR-V has an above-average reliability rating of four out of five from J.D. Power.

What problems do 2014 Honda CR-V have?

The top three most common problems with the 2014 CR-V are:

  • Engine noise due to faulty VTC actuator.
  • Delayed acceleration and shaking, uncontrolled acceleration.
  • TPM malfunction causes the tire pressure gauge warning light to not function properly.

Is a 2014 Honda CR-V all-wheel drive?

The Used 2014 Honda CR-V comes with all wheel drive. Available transmissions include: 5-speed automatic.

What is the difference between a 2014 Honda CR-V LX and EX?

2014 CR-V EX Brings Several Exterior Upgrades but Does not Add Much to the Interior. The biggest distinction from the LX is the standard one-touch power moonroof, while fog lights, body-colored rearview mirrors/door handles, and rear privacy glass round out the exterior upgrades.

Is there a recall on 2014 Honda CR-V?

2014 Honda CR-V Recalls

There have been no safety recalls issued from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What is high mileage for a CRV?

If adequately maintained, a new Honda CR-V can last between 250,000 to 300,000 miles on the road. This translates into a lifespan of 16 to 20 years, making the CR-V one of the most dependable crossovers in the market.

What is the major problem of Honda CRV?

The top three Honda CR-V issues reported by owners are unintended acceleration, excessive oil consumption, and problems with the air conditioning.

Is there a recall on 2014 Honda CRV?

What engine is in a 2014 CR-V?

2.4-liter inline-four
Vehicle Overview
A 2.4-liter inline-four that produces 185 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque, paired to a five-speed automatic transmission is the only powertrain available.

How fast is a 2014 Honda CR-V?

Drivetrain, Suspension and Brakes

Engine Size and Type 2.4-liter 16-valve I-4 With DOHC And i-VTEC
Peak torque (Pound-feet) 163 @ 4400
Transmission 5-Speed Auto
0-to-60 mph 8.8 seconds
Top Speed (mph) 112, Est

What engine is in a 2014 CRV?

What engine does a 2014 Honda CR-V have?

2.4 L 4-cylinder2014 Honda CR-V / Engine
The 2014 Honda CR-V features a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 185 horsepower. A five-speed automatic transmission is standard, which is paired with front- or all-wheel drive. The EPA reports that the CR-V gets up to 23/31 mpg city/highway, which is good for an affordable compact SUV.

What year Honda CRV are being recalled?

Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2019-2020 CR-V vehicles. The rear subframe bolts were improperly manufactured and may loosen, allowing the rear subframe to separate. A separated rear subframe reduces vehicle handling and can suddenly disable the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

What year are Honda CRV recall?

The recall covers much of the Honda and Acura model lineup from the 2018 to 2020 model years including the CR-V small SUV, the company’s top-selling U.S. vehicle. The company says the impeller, which is the rotating part of the pump, could be defective. Honda says it has no reports of crashes or injuries.

What year Honda CR-V is the most reliable?

This was addressed in the 16 model and it means that in terms of reliability, 2016 is probably the best year for a used Honda CR-V. Both the 15 and 16 are a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable Honda CR-V that’s not too old.

Do Honda CR-V have transmission problems?

Still, if you’re considering a pre-owned CR-V for your next vehicle, you may be wondering if there’ve been any documented problems with the Honda CR-V’s transmission. Yes; there are multiple reports of the following transmission issues on some models: Slipping gears and/or stalling.

Is Honda CR-V worth buying?

Yes, the Honda CR-V is a good SUV. It delivers energetic acceleration and a comfortable ride, and it gets good gas mileage. The interior looks and feels upscale. Both rows of seats are spacious and comfortable, and the cargo hold is one of the largest in the compact SUV class .

Do Honda CrV have transmission problems?

Does Honda CR-V 2014 have VTEC?

2014 Honda CR-V:
features a 185 horsepower 2.4L DOHC I-VTEC engine. 163lb/ft of torque. 5 speed automatic transmission.

How big is the gas tank in a 2014 Honda CR-V?

15.3 gal
Used 2014 Honda CR-V Specs & Features

Fuel & MPG
EPA city/highway MPG 22/30 MPG
EPA combined MPG 25 MPG
Range in miles (city/hwy) 336.6/459.0 mi.
Fuel tank capacity 15.3 gal.

How big is the gas tank on a 2014 Honda CR-V?

What type of transmission does a Honda CR-V have?

5-speed automatic transmission
All North American CR-Vs come equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Which Honda CR-V engine is better?

2019 Honda CR-V’s 2.4L Engine is the Best Pick Thanks to its Durability and Solid Fuel Economy. While the 1.5L turbo engine is slightly more efficient and offers quicker acceleration than the 2.4L inline-four, it has shown some reliability quirks that have put a dent in Honda’s reputation.

What is the major problem of Honda CR-V?

What generation is a 2014 CR-V?

Fourth generation
Fourth generation: 2012-2016, with most notable redesigns in 2012.