How popular is condensed matter physics?

How popular is condensed matter physics?

The diversity of systems and phenomena available for study makes condensed matter physics the most active field of contemporary physics: one third of all American physicists self-identify as condensed matter physicists, and the Division of Condensed Matter Physics is the largest division at the American Physical …

Is soft matter a good journal?

It is published by Royal Society of Chemistry. The overall rank of Soft Matter is 4828. According to SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), this journal is ranked 0.897.

Who conducted valuable research in the field of nuclear physics?

Ernest Rutherford’s assistant, Professor Johannes “Hans” Geiger, and an undergraduate, Marsden, performed an experiment in which Geiger and Marsden under Rutherford’s supervision fired alpha particles (helium 4 nuclei) at a thin film of gold foil.

Is ACS Omega a Q1 journal?

ACS Omega is a journal covering the technologies/fields/categories related to Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous) (Q1); Chemistry (miscellaneous) (Q1). It is published by American Chemical Society. The overall rank of ACS Omega is 6756. According to SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), this journal is ranked 0.708.

Who is the father of nuclear physics?

Sir Ernest Rutherford
Sir Ernest Rutherford, Lord of Nelson, died in October 1937. Forgive my too short account of his enormous history: he was the reference head of a community which is one of the most impressive in the history of science. Thus, the father of nuclear physics.

What is the salary of nuclear scientist in India?

The national average salary for a Nuclear Scientist is ₹12,80,676 in India.

Is solid state physics same as condensed matter physics?

Solid-state physics is a branch of condensed matter physics. The key difference between solid state physics and condensed matter physics is that solid-state physics studies the properties of solid structures such as crystals, whereas condensed matter physics studies both solid and liquid systems.