How old is Hazlehead Academy?

How old is Hazlehead Academy?

Hazlehead Academy

Head Academy
Type Secondary school
Established 1969
Closed May 27th, 2023
Local authority Aberdeen City Council

How many pupils does Hazlehead Academy have?

Hazlehead Academy

Name Hazlehead Academy
Address Groat’s Road, Aberdeen, AB15 8BE
Phone Number 01224 310184
Type Secondary School
Number of Pupils 922

How many academies are there in Aberdeen?

There are 14 secondary schools (11 state, 3 private); 52 primary schools (48 state, 4 private) and 1 state special educational needs schools. All the listed state schools are run by Aberdeen City Council.

Is Hazlehead Academy a good school?

Education Scotland rated Hazlehead Academy as “weak” in pupil attainment and achievement after a visit last October. Inspectors have now written to parents, identifying the need for a plan to improve the school.

What is the oldest primary school in Aberdeen?

It is the oldest school in the city and one of the oldest grammar schools in the United Kingdom, with a history spanning more than 750 years. Founded around 1257, the year used in official school records, it began operating as a boys’ school….Rectors.

Name Incumbency
Rev Dr William Barrack 1860 to 1868

What is the biggest primary school in Scotland?

This article lists 10 of the primary schools which have the largest class sizes in Scotland….

  1. Greenbrae Primary School. Primary 7 in Greenbrae Primary School (Aberdeen) has 34 pupils – one more than the maximum allocation of 33.
  2. St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School.
  3. Jordanhill.
  4. Brunstane Primary School.

Which is the best primary school in Glasgow?

St Denis’ Primary School
Primary League Table for Glasgow

Rank School Name Sg rating float
1 St Denis’ Primary School, Glasgow 0.95
2 Sacred Heart Primary School, Glasgow 0.925
33 Dunard Primary School, Glasgow 0.925
58 Notre Dame Primary School, Glasgow 0.925

What is the biggest primary school in Glasgow?

Hillhead Primary
Hillhead Primary is now the largest primary school in Glasgow and is a vibrant, successful and happy multicultural school where we have high expectations and high standards for our pupils and ourselves.