How much does a Wavestorm cost at Costco?

How much does a Wavestorm cost at Costco?

Wavestorm, an 8-foot foam surfboard available only at Costco Wholesale (COST) for $100, has quickly become the bestselling board in the U.S., having sold about 500,000 of them, according to Bloomberg.

Does Costco still carry Wavestorm?

Wavestorms, as you may have noticed, are no longer available at Costco, where for years one could easily purchase the iconic, multi-colored rides by simply borrowing mom’s membership card.

Is a Wavestorm surfboard good for beginners?

Wavestorm 8′ is the best-selling surfboard in the United States. It is soft, light, and easy to ride. The board features an HDPE slick bottom and a textured traction pad for stable foot placement.

Are Wavestorm surfboards any good?

Pros: Easy to use – As this surfboard is easy to use, it is a great option for beginners. High quality materials – Being made from high quality materials, you know that this surfboard is durable, and will not break easily. Lightweight – Being lightweight, the surfboard is easy to carry and transport.

Do you wax Wavestorm?

Do you wax a Wavestorm surfboard? We think so. Most foamies, including the Wavestorm say you don’t have to wax them. But the surface of the board will be more tacky with a little bit of wax.

Can Wavestorms get waterlogged?

As is true for any surfboard, the most important thing you can do for your Wavestorm is keep water out of the inner core. Once water has been soaked up into the center the board will become waterlogged, heavy, and unstable. This will eventually cause the board to deteriorate and fall apart.

Did Costco stop selling Wavestorm 2021?

My buddy and I we’re just at the local Costco turning in our battered Wavestorms for freshies in prep for an upcoming south swell. After being refunded, we were informed that Costco has discontinued carrying the classic 8.0 Stormie!

Can a Wavestorm get waterlogged?

Do Wavestorms need wax?

The Wavestorm comes with three fins and a leash, all of which are easily attached. The deck is plenty grippy without wax, which is perfect for hot days at the beach. Speaking from experience, we can tell you that melted, sand-embedded wax is not rad.

Should you wax a Wavestorm?

Can I return my Wavestorm to Costco?

It was meant for beginners but has found a new type of buyer — some of the world’s best surfers. A big reason some of the best rippers are buying the Wavestorm has to do with Costco’s return policy. You break the board, you can return it for a new one.

Are Costco surf boards good?

Answer: a soft top surfboard. Thanks to their improved buoyancy, soft tops make paddling and standing up easier, letting you catch more waves and have more fun. They are also safer than hard top boards because getting hit with something soft is always better than getting hit with something hard. (That’s just math.)

Can you leave Wavestorm in the sun?

Direct sunlight is bad for all surfboards and will cause delamination of the deck from the core of the board. This is true of Wavestorms also. When not using your board, it should be stored indoors in a garage, shed, or home, and kept out of the reach of direct sunlight which could cause the board to delaminate.

Do you need to wax a Wavestorm?

Can I return a Wavestorm to Costco?

A big reason some of the best rippers are buying the Wavestorm has to do with Costco’s return policy. You break the board, you can return it for a new one.

How much does a WaveStorm surfboard cost?

Many were riding the same board: an 8-foot blue-and-white Wavestorm, sold exclusively at Costco Wholesale stores for $99.99—the same price as the store’s Italian sausage-stuffed turducken. Since its debut in 2007, Wavestorm has become the most popular surfboard in the U.S., with about half a million sold.

Is the WaveStorm a good board for learning to surf?

Not only is it an excellent board for learning to surf, but it is well-priced and durable. I don’t even need to think twice before lending out my Wavestorm to friends or packing it in my in-law’s rental van on top of the beach chairs.

What’s new at WaveStorm?

The Wavestorm line includes the essentials including leashes and a variety of performance fins. This year we celebrate our 15th year of board building and offer a new board with optional fin sets for new riding profiles. Make sure your board reads an authentic WAVESTORM for quality & performance! Summertime is my absolute favorite time to surf.