How many died in the Fastnet disaster?

How many died in the Fastnet disaster?

19 people
Forty years ago, 19 people died in what became the worst disaster in ocean racing history. More than 300 boats, carrying 2,500 sailors, set off from Cowes for the biennial race to Fastnet rock in southern Ireland.

Who died in the Fastnet race?

Yachtsmen killed The Fastnet Race Memorial at Holy Trinity Church, Cowes, Isle of Wight lists 19 fatalities: the 15 above and Olivia Davidson, John Dix, Richard Pendred, and Peter Pickering who were aboard Bucks Fizz, a yacht shadowing the fleet to view the race.

What happened in the 1979 Fastnet race?

By the end of the 1979 Fastnet race, 24 boats had been abandoned, five boats had sunk, 136 sailors had been rescued, and 15 sailors killed. It was and still is the deadliest yacht race in history – well ahead of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart race which left six people dead.

How long is the Cape to Rio race?

The total length of the race is around 5,800 kilometres (3,600 mi) across the Atlantic Ocean.

How many boats are in the Fastnet Race?

450 boats
In total 450 boats will compete, including entries in the Class 40, IMOCA 60, Volvo Ocean 65 and Multihull grand prix classes.

How long does the Fastnet Race take?

The Rolex Fastnet Race is one of the world’s most prestigious and challenging Races yacht races. Since its establishment in 1925 the Fastnet Race has provided thousands of sailors with the ultimate challenge of rounding the Fastnet Rock. Racing hard for over 600 miles for five days gives this race its tough reputation.

How many people died in 1979 Fastnet?

The race resulted in the deaths of 18 people, 15 competing yachtsmen, and three rescuers. A total of 86 yachts finished. There were 194 retirements and 24 abandoned yachts, including five that sank. An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 August 1979.

Who won the 1927 Fastnet Race?

Tally Ho
A 112-year-old classic sailing yacht built in Shoreham is being painstakingly restored, having been bought for £1 to save it from destruction. The gaff cutter called Tally Ho was built by Stow & Son in 1909 and launched in 1910. It went on to win the Fastnet Race for Lord Stalbridge, Hugh Grosvenor, in 1927.

How many died in 1979 Fastnet?

How long does it take to sail from Cape Town to Rio?

between 12 and 30 days
The Cape2Rio is an ocean race across the South Atlantic linking Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. It began in 1971 with many legends competing in the race over the years. In total the trip can take between 12 and 30 days to complete.

Can you live on a boat in Cape Town?

This unique experience offers you the opportunity of “living on the water” with frolicking seals, fish and bird life to keep you entertained and all that the Waterfront and Cape Town has to offer on your doorstep. Wake up with the sound of water lapping against the hull.

How many yachts are in the Fastnet Race?

When was the Fastnet Race disaster?

The 1979 Fastnet race, which started in balmy conditions on 11 August and ended three tumultuous days later, entered the annals as one of sailing’s greatest disasters. This week, 40 years later, survivors will gather for a series of commemorations in Ireland and the UK that will reunite rescuers and rescued.

How long does it take to do the Fastnet Race?

How many boats are in Fastnet?

In total 450 boats will compete, including entries in the Class 40, IMOCA 60, Volvo Ocean 65 and Multihull grand prix classes. 5. The main trophy for overall winner of the Rolex Fastnet is called the Fastnet Challenge Cup.