How do you use We R Memory Keeper gift bag punch board?

How do you use We R Memory Keeper gift bag punch board?

Slide your paper over to the yellow start line punch. The paper and score the horizontal triangle. And both side lines align the second side line to the yellow start line and punch.

How do you use a pillow box punch?

Side running horizontally align the left edge to the green start line and punch your paper by pressing firmly on the punch mechanism then score both the curve.

How do you make a scrapbook paper gift bag?

In 4.25 inches from each corner of the paper. So just mark it off with a small dot using a pen or pencil. And here i’m going to mark off from each corner four and one quarter inches.

How do you make a gift bag step by step?

And fold strongly rotate the paper and repeat on the other side exactly the same okay now all we have to do is to give the shape to the bag.

How do you build a punch board?

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How do you make a Franken bag?

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How do you make a bag out of 12×12 paper?

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How do you make a gift bag look pretty?

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How do you decorate a plain gift bag?

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How do you make a surprise punch box?

Cut circles in the box. Use Cup to draw circle outline. Cover the circle opening with tissue paper from the back and then put a small prize inside the cup and glue the cup behind the opening. From the front children will take turns punching through the tissue paper and finding a prize.

What do you put inside a punch box?

So let’s get started on making a punch box for your party!

Prize Ideas

  1. Tubs of slime or Play-doh.
  2. Silly Putty.
  3. Beados or Shopkins mini packs.
  4. $1 sun catcher, melty beads or foam craft kits.
  5. Temporary tattoos and/or stickers.
  6. Stationery sets (journal, pencils, gel pens, erasers)
  7. Uno or other card games.
  8. Mini puzzles.

What is a Frankenbag?

Created and blogged about by Anne Ibach, this beautiful bag pattern uses fun/bright scraps to create 2 panels. Add in your black and white fabric to make it pop. THEN, create the bag!!

How do you make a zipper placket?

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How do you make a flat bag?

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How do you make a paper bag out of cardstock?

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How do you fancy a gift bag?

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What do you put on a punch board?

But I decided to change it up a little this time around by making a prize punch board!
Supplies to make Prize punch board:

  1. box.
  2. tissue paper.
  3. cups.
  4. knife/scissors.
  5. hot glue gun.
  6. paint (optional)
  7. rubber bands.

How do you make a surprise punch board?

How does the birthday punch board work?

Punch boxes are kind of like the old game they used to play on the Price is Right, where the contestant would punch their hand through a little crepe paper circle to reveal the prize inside (except the prizes were much bigger on the Price is Right- we have a budget for these class parties, you know.

How do you do a French seam?

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What are different types of plackets?

There are four types of plackets for the modern man, which serves different roles in making a shirt: buttoning with no front placket, buttoning with placket, hidden buttons and popover.

How do you make a zip pouch?

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How do you make a boxy zipper pouch?

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How do you make a flat bottom gift bag?

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How do you make a square gift bag?

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