How do you poison Almas tea?

How do you poison Almas tea?

Hitman 2 Alma Reynard Assassination Walkthrough For a method that doesn’t involve getting Agent 47’s hands too dirty, poison Reynard’s sugar and honey (one of which she’ll randomly select to put in her tea) with lethal poison fills found in the upstairs bathroom. Then just sit back and let the poison do its job.

Does poison work silent assassin?

However, in HITMAN™ 2, killing a target with a lethal poison syringe will count as an “accident”, therefore he does not have to hide the body, no point will be deducted, & he will receive the Silent Assassin rating— even if the body is found.

How do I eliminate Alma Reynard?

There is a door on your right that you should go through while you wait on Alma to drink the tea and then come to the bathroom to throw up. Once she comes to the toilet to throw up, drown her. Then drag her body into the closet that is in the room that you were just sitting in.

How do you get Alma in Panic room?

Panic room – Being a notorious terrorist, it’s only natural that Alma has a panic room installed in her house. You can access it by adjusting the painting on the wall in her office. Inside is a veritable treasure trove of weaponry, from rifles and shotguns to shurikens and grenades. Good if you want to go loud.

How do you fix the sun in Hitman 3?

To do this, you need to use a Crowbar to open two Fuseboxes and take their Fuse Cells so you can put them in two different Fuseboxes. This lets you use a terminal behind a one-way window to overload The Sun and electrocute anyone standing in front of it.

Do accidents ruin Silent Assassin?

Target bodies can only be discovered if you perform an accident kill. Guards and other NPCs can be knocked out / subdued nonlethally. As long as you aren’t connected with the crime, you won’t void Silent Assassin if an unconscious NPC is discovered. Poison counts as an accident kill.

What do you poison Hawkes Bay?

Hawke’s Bay items Chloroform – Found in the back of the van in the garage. You can use this to poison Alma’s tea, which will then put the guards on full alert as they rush her into the panic room.

How do you spike Orson’s whiskey?

Spike Orson’s whiskey with a lethal dose of poison. Use the lethal poison pills in the upstairs bathroom lockbox to poison the glass of whiskey sitting near the couch in the upstairs bedroom. Orson will drink from it before he goes to bed.

How do I poison Kalvin Ritter?

After he takes a drink you’ll get the Not for Human Consumption Feat, but you can get two more very easily. To do this, follow Kalvin Ritter into the bathroom. When he starts to throw up from the Rat Poison, walk behind him and drown him in the toilet.

How do I get rid of Jasper Knight hitman?

Sneak up to him from the bathroom and eliminate him, then drag his body into the bathroom and lay it on the ground. Once Jasper is dead, exit using the same method you entered.

How do you poison Orson?

How do I get rid of Carl Ingram?

After taking care of Ingram’s bodyguard, run over to Ingram while he’s still hunched over his desk, examining a model of an oil rig. Use the “eliminate” prompt to impale him on the model. Stash Ingram and his bodyguard in the closet on the other side of the bed, and head out.

How do you get Lucy away from Cornelia?

To get Lucy to leave, players will need to find an Event Staff disguise to change into. This will allow Agent 47 to blend in with the other workers. To get an Event Staff vest, players will need to create a diversion in a relatively secluded place to lure someone to come investigate.