How do you interview ETL tester?

How do you interview ETL tester?

ETL Interview Questions for Freshers

  1. What is the importance of ETL testing?
  2. Explain the process of ETL testing.
  3. Name some tools that are used in ETL.
  4. What are different types of ETL testing?
  5. What are the roles and responsibilities of an ETL tester?
  6. What are the different challenges of ETL testing?

What are the interview questions for ETL developer?

8 intermediate ETL developer interview questions

  • How is data analyzed in ETL?
  • What are some of the most common types of ETL testing?
  • What are snapshots in ETL?
  • What is data profiling in ETL?
  • What are some of the most common ETL bugs?
  • What is meant by the three-tier architecture of ETL?

What are ETL questions?

Basic Interview Questions

  • Compare between ETL and ELT.
  • What is an ETL process?
  • How many steps are there in an ETL process?
  • What are the steps involved in an ETL process?
  • Can there be sub-steps for each of the ETL steps?
  • What are initial load and full load?
  • What is meant by incremental load?

What is Unix in software testing?

UNIX is a command line operating system which is multitasking, portable, multi-user computer operating system. It has some time sharing configurations. whereas Linux is just a kernel and not a completely developed operating system. Unlike Unix, the Linux test command checks the file types and compares all the values.

What is Cube in ETL testing?

Cubes are data processing units comprised of fact tables and dimensions from the data warehouse. They provide a multi-dimensional analysis. OLAP stands for ‘Online Analytics Processing,’ and OLAP Cubes store voluminous data in a multi-dimensional form for reporting purposes.

What are different types of ETL testing?

ETL testing fits into four general categories: new system testing (data obtained from varied sources), migration testing (data transferred from source systems to data warehouse), change testing (new data added to data warehouse), and report testing (validate data, make calculations).

Is Unix and Linux same?

Linux has hundreds of different distributions. UNIX has variants (Linux is actually a UNIX variant based somewhat on Minix, which is a UNIX variant) but the proper versions of the UNIX system are much smaller in number.

Can we use selenium in ETL testing?

An ETL process is a complete black box. There is no graphical user interface that someone can use for ETL testing. Therefore testing an ETL process is challenging as conventional testing tools like selenium are not useful.

Which tool is used for ETL testing?

Informatica Data Validation is a GUI based ETL Testing tool which is used to extract, transform and load (ETL). The testing includes a comparison of tables before and after data migration.

How do you clean ETL data?

Data Cleansing – Five Best Practices

  1. (1) Develop a data cleansing strategy.
  2. (2) Decide on a standard method of entry for new data.
  3. (3) Validate data accuracy and remove duplication.
  4. (4) Fill any gaps of missing data.
  5. (5) Create an automated process going forward.