How do I resolve topekan Atchison conflict?

How do I resolve topekan Atchison conflict?


  1. Save Ralphy from the lake.
  2. Save Jessie by disarming the bomb on the bike at the playground.
  3. Kill the rail thieves and act as messenger and negotiator between the leaders of the two tribes.
  4. The Golden Spike is crucial to establishing peace.
  5. This will allow for convincing Kekkabah to agree to the scheme.

Can you save Ralphy Wasteland 2?

Use Brute Force or the Shovel on the totem, with the guard at (the screenshot), to save Ralphy. Once you are done talking to him, he will return to his house in the central part of the camp. A witness will notice you saving him and he will tell that in the city, which will improve on your reputation.

Where is the brake shoe Wasteland 2?

Its hidden in the swings in front of Jessies house.

Where is the chisel in Wasteland 2?

If Chisel is dissmissed he can be found in the library of the Citadel.

How do you steal the Golden Spike?

This allows you to walk behind all the guards guarding the golden spike. – Following this path behind the guards you will see the spike in the middle of the room, which can be accessed through a doorway. Which is again behind the guards. – Take your character in and pick the lock on the urn and loot the spike.

Is Ralphy good Wasteland 2?

Ralphy is prob the most mouldable npc and bump his int at level 10 gets decent skill points, besides he is great at toaster repair to start. Taka is real dumb but if you keep him focused he can get good at brute force and replace Angela and keep his blunt weapon skill high.

How do I recruit Ralphy?

You can save his life by knocking down a pillar with the brute force skill, a shovel or dynamite allowing him to escape. Just talk to his mother Libby Parker after that and you’ll be able to recruit him.

How do you recruit a chisel?

To recruit Chisel you need to complete the main Rail Nomad Questline and achieve a peaceful resolution for both sides. Your going to need a Smart Butt skill of 6 to actually make that happen as its tied to arbitrary skill level stats.

How do you recruit vulture’s cry?

If you want to free Vulture’s Cry legally, you’ll need Kiss Ass at Level 2, and Hard Ass at Level 4. After speaking with Sean he’ll give you the key – head back and free her, then let her join the party if you’ve got a free slot.

What happens if you dismiss a character in Wasteland 2?

If you dismiss a character, they hang out. So if you have a full party, dismiss someone to accept a brand new party member, you can immediately dismiss the new guy and pick the old guy back up again. Anyone you dismiss (then leave the map without) heads back to HQ and waits in the cafeteria.

How do I recruit Pizepi Joren?

You don’t need to go to the world map. Go to where Pizepi should be, get up to 22 charisma, save and reload. She will appear after you reload. ehrgeix wrote: Hm, I recruited her with 20 charisma, 100% sure, tested multiple times etc.

What is the max level in Wasteland 2?


Ranks are an abstraction of classic RPG levels used in Wasteland. The maximum possible level is 50 (Lieutenant).

How do free vultures cry?

How many cyborg chickens are there?

5 cyborg chickens
Cyborg Chicken is a character in Wasteland 3. Or rather, characters, as there are a total of 5 cyborg chickens to be found, each in a different location.

What happens if you let October 11 go?

If a fan chooses to let October-11 go, then Wolfe and his crew will opt to leave Ranger HQ. This means that players will not be able to continue the Wolfe’s Hunt sidequest, and as a fan proceeds through the world of Wasteland 3 they will discover that October-11 has killed again.

Should I recruit fishlips?

However, if the player isn’t too worried about him turning on the player and eating them, Fishlips is a great companion for players who want someone in the front to battle it out in melee for them while they hang back. His top two attributes are strength and speed and has the unique scrapper background.

How do I recruit Scotchmo?

How to Recruit Scotchmo. Scotchmo is the fourth companion that can join your group. You’ll find him back at the Ranger HQ Base – in the mess hall – after you’ve concluded the quests regarding refugees in The Bizarre.

How do you become a cyborg in Wasteland 3?

In short, in order to get the Cyborg Tech Perk in Wasteland 3, you must find a robot doctor that called Vivisecto RN who sells it for 1,024 Colorado dollars at the Machine Commune in Denver.

How many companions can you have in Wasteland 2?

General rules. The player can recruit a total of 3 followers with a full-size Ranger squad, more if it is undermanned. The upper limit is 7 party members. All recruits have a chance to go rogue (ignore orders in combat), lowered by the Leadership skill.

What happens if cyborg chicken dies?

If a chicken dies, you won’t be able to get the animal companion. You don’t have to look very far to find the first Cyborg Chicken as its already inside the chicken coup in Ranger’s HQ, which can be found on the right side of HQ’s exterior. The second Cyborg Chicken can be found in the Garden of the Gods.

How do you tame a cyborg chicken?

All 5 Cyborg Chickens (Poultron) Location Guide – Wasteland 3

Should I let the synth go Wasteland 3?

If you let the synth go, Wolfe will get mad and leave – even if you lie and say it escaped on its own. Cynically, if you kill the synth, you get XP, money, and new bounties as a reward. If you let it go, you just get the XP.

Where is the synth?

Where To Find The Missing Synth In Wasteland 3 – YouTube

Is fish lips a good companion?

Should I help the Gippers?

If you go along with the transfer, the Gippers betray you if you try and arrest Valor. But kill them and you can still take him in. If you turn Valor into Reagan and let him stay with the Gippers, then the Patriarch isn’t best pleased but you do complete the quest without a reward from him.