How do I change the default theme in PrestaShop?

How do I change the default theme in PrestaShop?

You will be launched to the PrestaShop Dashboard where you have to select the Dashboard ➡ Design ➡ Theme & Logo. Now in the Theme & Logo window choose the Add New Theme option. Now select your zip file here and click on the Save button. Your theme will be selected and click on the ‘Use this Theme’ option.

How do I edit my homepage in PrestaShop?

Edit a Page

  1. Login PrestaShop.
  2. Select Design, then Pages.
  3. Select Edit to the right of a page.
  4. Edit the title, description, meta data, URL, and page content as needed before you Save.

Where is the CSS file in PrestaShop?

The CSS file is dynamic under theme folder/assets/cache/dynamic name. css.

What is the best PrestaShop theme?

👉 The 12 best PrestaShop Themes

  • ✅ 1. Warehouse. Warehouse is one of the most widely recognizable and recommended templates on the net.
  • ✅ 2. Alysum. This template is perfect for fashion shops opting for a minimalist design.
  • ✅ 3. Megashop.
  • ✅ 4. Optima.
  • ✅ 7. Auros Minimal.
  • ✅ 8. The Style.
  • ✅ 9. Eveprest.
  • ✅ 10. Molotok.

How do I edit a module in Prestashop?

How to change modules position in PrestaShop 1.7.5 – YouTube

How do I edit text in prestashop?

To change the text on those modules, you will have to change the translation of those modules. In you backoffice, go to IMPROVE>>INTERNATIONAL>>TRANSLATIONS (if your backoffice is in english) or IMPROVE>>INTERNACIONAL>>TRADUCCIONES. Look for the section that says MODIFY TRANSLATIONS or MODIFICAR TRADUCCIONES.

Does PrestaShop have free themes?

Although PrestaShop offers a free ecommerce solution where you can easily build an online shop, finding the right theme for your store’s identity can be daunting. To save you the trouble, I have listed down some of the most user-friendly and commonly used free PrestaShop themes.

What are PrestaShop themes?

PrestaShop templates are ready-made designs for online stores running on PrestaShop eCommerce engine. A PrestaShop template package provides the files, images, modules and documentation to help you create a full-fledged e-store.

How do I change my store info in prestashop?

1) Shop parameters > Contact section. 2) Then you need to open a Stores tab. 3) Scroll down and look for the Contact Details section. Edit the title in the Shop Name field the way you like.

How much does PrestaShop cost?

PrestaShop Pricing

The price can range from 4$ – $14 per month. Owing to its open-source solution, whatever modification you make requires code involvement. It means that unless you have the technical knowledge, you’ll more than likely have to hire an agency or developer.

How do I use PrestaShop?

How to Use PrestaShop for an Ecommerce Site in 6 Steps

  1. 1 Step 1: Sign Up for Hosting & Get a Domain Name.
  2. 2 Step 2: Download & Extract PrestaShop Software.
  3. 3 Step 3: Create a Database On Hosting Server.
  4. 4 Step 4: Install PrestaShop & Upload Files.
  5. 5 Step 5: Log In to PrestaShop.
  6. 6 Step 6: Modify Your PrestaShop Online Store.

What is better PrestaShop or WooCommerce?

When we look at each point like design, pricing, add-ons, and customer support, we can see that WooCommerce is vastly superior to PrestaShop. WooCommerce offers better design and themes have a lower price as well. Themes for PrestaShop have a steep price, plus you’ll need to hire someone to install it properly.

How do you manage PrestaShop?

#4: Manage PrestaShop users & roles – YouTube

Is Shopify better than PrestaShop?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, predictable platform that doesn’t require any technical knowledge, Shopify is the better option. On the other hand, if you want a platform that can offer the most customization and ability to sell internationally, PrestaShop will be the more suitable choice.

Is PrestaShop better than Magento?

Generally, PrestaShop is easier to use, offers more pre-made themes, and is suitable for small to medium web stores. On the other hand, Magento performs better when it comes to massive-scale stores with a large number of visits at a time.

Is PrestaShop a CMS?

The CMS (Content Management System) in PrestaShop allows you to create, delete and manage the pages of your Store and also their contents like static blocks, images, banners and many more features.

How easy is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is perhaps one of the easiest platforms to use. It comes with everything you’ll need to excel at eCommerce. Once you get the hang of the best marketing tools, you can easily build an online powerhouse of sales. Explore the app and make use of the tools you’re provided with.

Which is better Shopify or PrestaShop?

How do I access the PrestaShop admin panel?

How to Log Into Your PrestaShop 1.6 Dashboard

  1. The first thing you need to do is to navigate to your admin area. The URL for this will be the one for your main store, followed by “/admin“.
  2. To log in, enter your admin email address and the password you created during the install. Once entered, click on the Log In button.

How do I access PrestaShop back office?

Enter the e-mail address and password that you registered with when installing PrestaShop. Click in the “Log In” button, and you are taken to the back office’s dashboard, a sort of welcome page for this control panel. From this step onward, you can begin to configure your shop and sell products to your customers.

Is PrestaShop free to sell on?

Although some of the integration options in the PrestaShop marketplace are free, many range in price from $35 to over $200 per add-on. If you need multiple add-ons, you should remember that you’ll need to pay the associated cost for each one.

How many products can PrestaShop handle?

100 000 products
PrestaShop is more suitable for small and medium-size stores that have up to 100 000 products in the catalog.

Is PrestaShop any good?

So the answer is yes, PrestaShop is a great option for merchants who not only want to take advantage of the flexibility of the open-source nature but also appreciate the ease of use when it comes to store management, SEO, inventory and so on.

How can I learn PrestaShop?

Now, let’s go into detail!

  1. Step 1: Download and unpack PrestaShop. Before getting started, you need to check if your server meets these requirements:
  2. Step 2: Upload the database to your server.
  3. Step 3: Create a new database.
  4. Step 4: Install PrestaShop.
  5. Step 5: Complete the setup.

How do I find my PrestaShop admin URL?

How to Log Into Your PrestaShop 1.6 Dashboard. The first thing you need to do is to navigate to your admin area. The URL for this will be the one for your main store, followed by “/admin“. For example, if your store is installed at “” then you would visit ““.