How did Paul McCartney meet Denny Laine?

How did Paul McCartney meet Denny Laine?

A cofounding member of the Moody Blues — Laine sang lead on the band’s early hit “Go Now” — he and McCartney knew each other from the British music scene, but Laine says it was a London show, in which his Electric String Band shared a bill with Jimi Hendrix, that caused McCartney to ring him up.

What band was Denny Laine in before Wings?

Paul McCartney and Wings1971 – 1981
The Moody Blues1964 – 1966The KnackGinger Baker’s Air ForceWorld Classic Rockers
Denny Laine/Music groups

How long was Denny Laine in the Moody Blues?

1964 to 1966
Laine, 74, was in The Moody Blues from 1964 to 1966, and with Wings from 1971 to 1981.

What bands did Denny Laine play in?

What is Denny Laines real name?

Brian Frederick HinesDenny Laine / Full name

Where was Thunderclap Newman from?

London, England

Thunderclap Newman
Origin London, England
Genres Rock pop
Years active 1969–1971 2010–2012
Labels Track

Where did Denny Laine go after the Moody Blues?

After leaving the Moody Blues in 1966, Laine formed the Electric String Orchestra, then played in Ginger Baker’s Air Force, among other stints, before his decade in Wings.

What happened to Wings guitarist Jimmy McCulloch?

Death. On 27 September 1979, McCulloch was found dead by his brother in his flat in Maida Vale, London. An autopsy found that McCulloch died of heart failure due to morphine and alcohol poisoning. He was 26 years old and was not known for being a user of hard drugs.

Why did Jimmy McCulloch leave Wings?

Sir Paul said of the Scot he reportedly fired from Wings because of drugs: “He was always a little dangerous. In the end, he was just too dangerous for his own good.” Jimmy joined a reformed Small Faces but died in London of heart failure thought to have been caused by drugs.

Did Pete Townshend play in Thunderclap Newman?

Pete Townshend helped form Thunderclap Newman in the late ’60s and played bass guitar on their recordings under the alias “Bijou Drains.” The band consisted of John “Speedy” Keen, Andy “Thunderclap” Newman and Jimmy McCulloch, who would later join Paul McCartney in Wings for a spell.