Has New Zealand lost two games in a row?

Has New Zealand lost two games in a row?

The last time the All Blacks lost two in a row at home was way back in 1998, a defeat to South Africa in Wellington compounded by another a week later in Christchurch against Australia.

When did the All Blacks last play in Christchurch?

September 17, 2016
The last time the All Blacks played a test in Christchurch was September 17, 2016. But Robinson said the NZ Rugby board has made the decision at its meeting this week that the bottom line shouldn’t always be put ahead of allowing people throughout the country to see the All Blacks.

How many All Black players were born in New Zealand?

The All Blacks are almost exclusively homegrown Of the 31 man squad for the 2019 World Cup, only 4 were born outside of New Zealand – two from Tonga, and one each from Fiji and Samoa. The only countries with less foreign born players were South Africa with one and Argentina with none at all.

When did NZ last lose 2 games in a row?

But the historians among the squad will be cautioned by the All Blacks’ ability to bounce back from not winning. Not since they were beaten by South Africa and then Australia in 2011 have New Zealand lost two matches in succession and not since 2009 have the All Blacks lost consecutive games to the same team.

When did NZ last lose at Eden Park?

3 July 1994
The final game of the 1981 Springbok Tour was played at Eden Park….Records.

Record New Zealand Opposition
In a loss 20 (3 July 1994) 35 (9 August 997)
Largest winning margin
In a game 78 (16 June 2017) 14 (9 September 1978)

Why does Germany not have a rugby team?

Because Germany never played any of the Home nations, it is difficult to judge the true strength of the team from that era. With the outbreak of the war in 1939, rugby came to a halt and Germany only played one more game, against Italy, in 1940.