Does Chester Illinois flood?

Does Chester Illinois flood?

Overall, Chester has a minor risk of flooding over the next 30 years, which means flooding is likely to impact day to day life within the community.

What flood happened in 1993?

The Great Flood of 1993 occurred from May through September along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and their tributaries. Major flooding occurred across North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois resulting in over 50 deaths and billions of dollars in damages.

How many people died in the flood of 1993?

50 people died
The 1993 midwest flood was one of the most significant and damaging natural disasters ever to hit the United States. Damages totaled $15 billion, 50 people died, hundreds of levees failed, and thousands of people were evacuated, some for months.

What’s the Mississippi River stage at Chester Illinois?

River Stage Reference Frame Gauge Height Flood Stage
NWS stage 0 ft 27 ft
Vertical Datum Elevation (gauge height = 0) Elevation (gauge height = flood stage)
NAVD88 340.72 ft 367.72 ft
NGVD 29 341.05 ft 368.05 ft

What is the level of the Mississippi River?

22.50 ft on 04/24/1965. 19.93 ft on 04/21/2001. 19.90 ft on 06/20/1880. 18.88 ft on 04/22/1969….Mississippi River Flooding – Latest Stages, Forecasts Here.

Flood Categories
Major Flood: 636 ft
Moderate Flood: 634 ft
Flood Stage: 631 ft
Action Stage: 625.2 ft

How deep is the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau?

26.03 ft.
River Stages

Location River Current
Cape Girardeau Mississippi River 26.03 ft.
Chester Mississippi River 21.63 ft.
Thebes Mississippi River 25.19 ft.
New Madrid Mississippi River 17.15 ft.

When was the Laingsburg flood?

25 January 1981
On 25 January 1981, Laingsburg in the Western Cape was devastated by a severe flood. The hard rains immersed the whole town in water, only the roofs of the houses were left visible. At least 100 residents lost their lives and the bodies of 72 people were never found.