Do you say a one-on-one or an one-on-one?

Do you say a one-on-one or an one-on-one?

“A one” is correct because “one” starts with a “w” sound. In addition to the vowel rules regarding articles, we must also consider the sound at the beginning of the word. The situations where we would use an article before “one” are uncommon, and we most often use this when referring to adding a one to something.

What is the meaning one-on-one?

1 : playing directly against a single opposing player. 2 : involving a direct encounter between one person and another.

Should one day be hyphenated?

An event that occurs for only a day is hyphenated: We’re having a one-day sale on televisions. An event that (one desires) occurs in the future is not: He will one day be King. Therefore, your example should not be hyphenated. I guess Word was just trying to draw your attention to the possible alternative.

What does it mean to be a one-on-one person?

one-on-one in American English

(ˈwʌnɑnˈwʌn, -ɔn-) adjective. consisting of or involving direct individual competition, confrontation, or communication; person-to-person.

How do you use one-to-one in a sentence?

I had some one-on-one meetings with the players this week just to get a feel on how they were. He is a big, fast guy and he can beat people one-on-one. In one-on-one situations, there are not many better.

What is another word for one on one?

In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for one-on-one, like: man-to-man, face-to-face, , one-to-one and person-to-person.

What is another word for one-on-one?

How do you use one to one in a sentence?

When should I hyphenate words?

Generally, you need the hyphen only if the two or more words are functioning together as an adjective before the noun they’re describing. If the noun comes first, leave the hyphen out. This wall is load bearing. It’s impossible to eat this cake because it is rock hard.

When should a hyphen be used?

Use a hyphen at the end of a line to divide a word where there is not enough space for the whole word. Follow the rules for dividing words correctly. Divide a word between syllables. Never divide a one-syllable word.

What is another word for one-on-one meeting?

duologues, friendly chat, one-on-one talk, mutual consultation.

What is the meaning of one-on-one class?

A one-on-one activity involves two people talking directly, usually with one teaching or giving information to the other: Each employee has a one-on-one performance review with his or her boss. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What is another way to say one on one meeting?

What is another name for one on one meeting?

Also known as another name for one on one meeting or another name for staff meeting, the 1 on 1 meeting with manager is basically a designated time for an employee and their direct supervisor to have an open dialogue about work.

What are some examples of hyphenated words?

Examples of hyphenated compound words include:

  • two-fold.
  • check-in.
  • merry-go-round.
  • father-in-law.
  • seventy-two.
  • long-term.
  • up-to-date.
  • mother-in-law.

What is the difference between hyphen and dash?

A hyphen joins two or more words together while a dash separates words into parenthetical statements. The two are sometimes confused because they look so similar, but their usage is different. Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side.

Why are some words hyphenated?

We use hyphens to combine certain types of words. These include compound modifiers, such as adjectives and participles. We hyphenate many numbers when they are spelled out in word form, like twenty-one. Sometimes, we hyphenate words after prefixes, but not every prefix requires a hyphen.

What are one-on-one meetings?

What are one-on-one meetings? Simply put, 1-on-1s are regular meetings between managers and their team members. Sometimes, these meetings are between coaches, mentors, and peers, too. But beyond work duties, regular 1-on-1s can help provide useful insight into the employee experience.

What is the meaning of one-on-one in communication?

If two people discuss something one-on-one, they discuss it directly, without involving anyone else: It’s best to talk with him about the problem one-on-one. US.

How do you write a title 1 on 1 meeting?

Hi [Insert name], I want to start having one-on-ones with everyone on the team. Don’t be alarmed! These meetings will help us communicate better and grow as individuals and as a team.

What can I say instead of one-on-one?


  • eyeball-to-eyeball,
  • face-to-face,
  • head-on,
  • head-to-head,
  • mano a mano,
  • toe-to-toe.

How do you know when to hyphenate a word?

How do you know if a word is hyphenated?

How to Use Hyphens | Grammar Lessons – YouTube

When should you use a dash in your writing?

Use dashes to mark the beginning and end of a series, which might otherwise get confused, with the rest of the sentence: Example: The three female characters—the wife, the nun, and the jockey—are the incarnation of excellence. Dashes are also used to mark the interruption of a sentence in dialogue: Example: “Help!

What words get hyphenated?

What words should be hyphenated?

  • Compound adjective + noun. When you use a compound adjective before the noun, you should hyphenate:
  • Age + noun. If age is being used as an adjective before the noun, you should hyphenate:
  • Numbers 21 through 99.
  • Some prefixes.
  • For clarity.