Do you have to be on the same network for SSH to work?

Do you have to be on the same network for SSH to work?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. You typically use port forwarding for that (for different residential routers, the way you do port forwarding may vary). There is one problem with it, however. Most Internet service providers will not allow you to do that.

How do I SSH to another computer on my network?

How to Connect via SSH

  1. Open the SSH terminal on your machine and run the following command: ssh [email protected]_ip_address.
  2. Type in your password and hit Enter.
  3. When you are connecting to a server for the very first time, it will ask you if you want to continue connecting.

Can you SSH outside network?

Make sure port 22 is forwarded to the Ubuntu server’s internal IP address in the home router. This will allow anyone from outside the home LAN use ssh to connect to the home computers.

How do I SSH into my home computer from anywhere?

Ports and Port Fowarding

  1. Log in to your router’s admin page.
  2. Navgiate to the page for adding a service (SSH is usually one of the default options)
  3. Select or enter the port number where requests will be made (22 by default for SSH)
  4. Select or input the private IP address you found earlier of your host machine.

Can two computers with different subnet masks communicate?

The first half (where the mask is all ones) is the network and the second half is the host. All IP’s in the same network IP/mask can talk to each other directly, if the network portion does not match the Gateway is used to router the packets.

Does SSH work outside local network?

How do you connect different subnets?

How to Connect Computers That Are on 2 Different Subnets

  1. Connect the computers to the network.
  2. Connect the routers to each other.
  3. Enable a routing protocol in each subnet’s router.
  4. Allow time for the routing tables to update.

How do I enable SSH on outside network?

Once you did all this and configure your ssh.plist file do the following:

  1. Go to system preferences.
  2. Open sharing.
  3. Click on padlock to unlock (using your passwd)
  4. Check on Remote login (this will start ssh server in background)
  5. Lock back padlock.

Do Subnet Masks need to match?

If the subnet mask is 255.255. 0.0, then the first two octets of all devices must be the same. The combination of the last two octets must be different and unique.

How do I communicate between two IP addresses?

On a computer network, all devices that are connected to the same local network can talk directly with each other. But to do so they need to have IP addresses that belong to the same IP network. Computers that belong to different IP networks have to communicate with each other via a router.

How can I connect two networks with different IP addresses?

All you have to do in the router that connects the two networks it this:

  1. Configure each of two Ethernet ports into different VLANs.
  2. Assign each VLAN an IP address in one of your two networks.
  3. Connect each port to the network that port’s VLAN has an IP address in.
  4. Make sure the router is configured to do routing.

Does Linux have remote desktop?

The “RDP” Method The simplest option to enable remote connections to Linux desktops is by using the remote access tool built directly into the Windows OS: Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). After that, type “rdp” into the search function, then run the Remote Desktop software on the Windows computer.