3 natural insect repellers for your home

The warmer season can bring in lots of happiness. It’s the perfect season to go on holiday or do outdoor activities. Many people do gardening during this season. However, it is also the time your house gets infested by insects, pests, and bugs. These destroy your food, furniture, and other belongings. Diseases might also spread if you don’t take immediate measures. You will find many chemical-based insect repellents. But these might be dangerous for your health, especially if you have children in your house. Here are some natural insect repellers you can use in your home.

A mixture of vinegar, water, and herbs

You should take a spray bottle and fill half of it with white vinegar. Then you must add some herbs like mint, thyme, lavender, etc. Add water on top of it and shake the bottle well. After you keep it overnight, it becomes a great insect repellent.

Cinnamon and garlic powder

You can buy bottles of garlic and cinnamon powder from a store. Sprinkle them in places where insects or bugs might be present. This will guard you against insects.

Essential oils

Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender oil, etc. are good insect repellants. You can add these to a diffuser to keep bugs and insects away. You can also mix these oils with vinegar and spray around your house.

Besides using these, you should always keep your home clean. You should remove garbages every day. There shouldn’t be any standing water in your home as mosquitoes and other insects will then appear. You must keep your bathroom dry and fix any plumbing issue immediately. You should seal down any cracks so that insects don’t get in. This way your home will be safe from insects and pests.

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