“A Natural High”

“Ever since the day of the demo at Whole Foods, TumericALIVE Elixir has been a staple and healthy part of my life. The red cap had been my favorite to this point. However the new blue cap Coconut Nectar takes it to a new dimension. What a feeling of well-being. It is a natural high. I will try the Vanilla Bean next. Keep up the good work!” — Paul M.

“My Secret Weapon”

“It is hard for me to put into a few sentences the overwhelming sense of well-being that I have felt since incorporating Tumeric Elixirs into my daily routine.  Forget energy drinks!  Since drinking TumericALIVE, I feel fully activated, energized and ready to take on the challenges of the day. I consider it to be my secret weapon; which hopefully will be a secret no more! Everyone interested in health and wellness, or those seeking something simple that they can do every day to improve their lives needs to know about Tumeric Elixirs.  It’s a truly wonderful product.” — Tracey H.

“Simply Amazing”

“This drink is simply amazing. It revitalizes your body, hydrates and replenishes your mind, you can tell this stuff is made with real love. Something many claim but few can really do. For a while this was my secret weapon for a slight hangover, or a cold, or an upset stomach….not anymore….the secret’s out. Tumeric Elixir is really something special for everyone.” — Jimmy S.

“Might be the most amazing beverage ever created”

“Tumeric Elixir might be the most amazing beverage ever created! From my first sip I felt its power and the love in it. I have been drinking it daily ever since. Keep up the great work.” — Bob D.

“I have never had such a quick recovery!”

“My stomach was feeling ‘bubbly’ and I was feeling my energy fading when I stepped into Live Live on E 10th Street in New York. A charming young woman told me she liked to suggest Tumeric Elixir for bad tummies and low energy. I drank this delicious drink and rested in the park for an hour waiting to go to dinner, hoping my appetite would improve. I have never had such a quick recovery! I was able to enjoy a delicious dinner. I returned to Live Live the next day to buy two more bottles of your drink.” — Terri B.


“I just tasted your turmeric tonic; and ‘Wow!’ is the immediate response that I had! I love the color, texture and flavors… what a zing. It’s gonna be a great drink on a hot day. Looking forward to more.” — Rosie S.

“A must try!”

“The benefits are immense. From liver detoxification, to skin toning, to blood purification, to improving memory, this drink is a must try! You will be nourishing your body with turmeric, ginger, lemon, sea salt, cayenne, honey, cardamom and mint. The mix is perfect!” — Jennifer Young, Hatha Yoga teacher, yoga therapist and founder of Yoga Life

“Thank you!”

“Why is it that I have been starting my day a little lighter and little brighter than usual? I’ve discovered that it is the Tumeric elixir I have incorporated into my daily wake up routine that shines so brightly throughout my day.” — Jennifer B.