Our Journey

My journey and my commitment to this sacred super food began while farming fresh organic turmeric in Hawaii with my dear friend Lindsey Wilner. The nutrient rich volcanic soil of Hawaii is the perfect place to cultivate this tropical herb and I was instantly and magnetically drawn to the turmeric rhizome*. We ate fresh turmeric right out of the ground and quickly noticed the transformational effects. My body and mind resonated deeply with the herb and my yoga practice was enlightened by the empowering nature of turmeric. Stiffness that I had experienced began to dissolve, and my energy levels increased.

When I left the farm, I made it my practice to always have fresh, living turmeric with me. For the next 10 months my relationship with turmeric evolved, and I continued to nurture and to expand my awareness of its incredible potential. I shared my passion and discoveries in the hope that others could empower themselves through turmeric.

After trying extracts and supplements, I came to realize that the best and most effective source of turmeric and curcumin was nature‚Äôs own fresh root. It was my dream to facilitate fresh enzymatic turmeric to the people and to formulate the world’s first ever fresh organic turmeric beverage.

The TumericALIVE grass roots expansion began and radiated from the East Village in downtown Manhattan. In December of 2009, the first bottles of TumericALIVE appeared on shelves in health food stores and yoga studios.

Each bottle is artisanally crafted with a purpose and a destination. We strongly believe that our vision, guided by great passion and Love for our product, will manifest change and improve the lives of many. Our goal is to enable people to realize and activate their fullest potential through awareness, education, and experience. TumericALIVE is committed to offering the very best in non-gmo, organic, functional nutrition and sustainable practices.

Daniel Sullivan
Founder, TumericALIVE

*a rhizome is a horizontal underground stem.