About Us

TumericALIVE was born in New York’s East Village with just a blender and a dream of sharing exceptional organic healing elixirs with the world.

In December of 2009 the first bottles of TumericALIVE appeared on shelves in select health food stores and yoga studios in Manhattan’s East Village. The response we received was overwhelming, and the transformative power of Tumeric Elixir has been spreading ever since.

TumericALIVE, The Elixir of Life, is for everyone looking to live better, work harder and feel stronger. Our customers aren’t just athletes striving for peak performance or yogis pursuing a deeper practice. Tumeric Elixirs combine the age-old turmeric remedy with vibrant cold-pressed herbal formulations that offer an extraordinary healing journey. This innovative sports recovery beverage supports anti-oxidant function and longevity. The transformative power inside our organic elixirs is for anyone looking to rejuvenate, restore, and reenergize.

We want our products to be as good for our planet and our communities as they are for our customers.

That’s why, at TumericALIVE:

· We support family-owned and -operated organic farms.
· We purchase as many ingredients as possible from farms local to our New York manufacturing facility.
· We operate out of a LEED-certified distribution facility.
· We power our production facility with renewable energy.

Ready to give us a try?